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Rental homes

Choose from a wide range of building options, including condominiums, Town Houses, apartments, rental homes, and timber three-story apartment buildings. We offer plans that leverage all the features of your plot of land, from the region and natural environment, through to the site conditions. Dwelling performance is a given, but our beautiful and stylish homes are designed with the needs of the residents in mind, giving them a high occupancy ratio we are proud of.

Facility for the elderly

For plots of land located too far from the station to make a standard rental property viable, there remains the option of utilizing the land for a retirement home, group home or high quality rental homes for senior citizens. We draft you a total plan that starts from the point of consultations with the related departments and detailed meetings with business operators.

Rebuilding and renovation business

When rebuilding a condominium or apartment that has been standing for many years, the difficult part is always the negotiations with residents. Leave that part to us - we will put our wealth of experience into solving the problem on your behalf. We also promise to raise the occupancy ratio of your tired condominium, by for example, adding value through updating the entrance to give it a bright appearance, changing 2 bedroom apartments with a dining room and kitchen into a 1 bedroom with a living room, dining room, and kitchen to appeal to young married couples, making the rooms suitable for pets, or changing the layout of the rooms.

Parking lot business

For plots of land, which are for future sale, or you are holding for your children and cannot be built on at this time, we recommend operating a parking lot. Is it better to operate a month-by-month parking lot or coin parking? We offer a comprehensive service covering demand and market rental for the area, from planning through to construction, right up to management.

Road-side stores

Make the most of desirable sites facing onto main roads to attract stores and companies. The charm of a collective lease to major enterprise such as chain restaurants, convenience stores, and drug stores is that by offering a fixed-term land lease or using the construction assistance fund you can obtain a high profit for low initial investment. Our specialist staff will introduce you to a tenant who suits the needs in the region.

Military housing

If you have land close to the U.S. military base we suggest putting it to use as a rental property exclusively for base personnel. We and our affiliated real estate agencies will be responsible for of all of the communication with foreign nationals.

Fixed-term land leasehold business

With fixed-term land leaseholds the land is guaranteed to return to you, and a stable income from land rent is secured enabling you to set up a business without a loan. And because you collect a security deposit from the leaseholder, investment is possible. Tax-reduction measures can be achieved without borrowing.

Rental property management business

Consult with us on any matter related to rental homes such as management of the completed building, advertising for tenants, complaint handling, attendance during vacation of the premises, and problems with non-payment of rent. We also promise long term stable operation without any worry over management or risk of vacant rooms caused by systems such as the long-term collective lease system.

Real estate consulting

We will introduce you to consultants who specialize in tax-reduction measures for purchase and sale of land. The support we offer covers everything from finding you land for your business, creating a construction plan, and business revenue and expenses. We also purchase parcels of land, which have to be sold in a block due to inheritance or the like.