Case Study:

Apartments / Town Houses

Gran Moana
The word 'moana' means 'ocean' in Hawaiian, therefore 'Gran Moana' means 'great ocean'. The design takes inspiration from a seaside cottage, to bring a 'resort feeling' into everyday life.

Curves were placed in a variety of places such as outer walls, the entrance porch, external elements, and edges of the floors to soften the design. To give openness to the living room, an island kitchen and wide floor-height windows are applied.

There are many fun-filled and resort-like features throughout the rooms, such as the changes in flooring materials between the living and dining rooms, or in the kitchen, where the flooring in elegant natural brown tones is coordinated with the furniture.

Of course, the design also takes functionality in consideration, including the storage of each room and lines of flow.
Building Site: Tsuzuki Ward, Yokohama City
Construction: Timber 2x4, Two Story
No. of Dwellings: 3
Completed: February 2010
Total Floor Area: 284.98m²