Case Study:

Apartments / Town Houses

Terrace Sekirei
This simple and modern design infuses the owner's ideas throughout.

The niche with a mosaic tile on the front wall of the entrance hall is placed as an accent, and the use of the bare staircase and the island-type kitchen create the sense of wide space in the living-dining-kitchen floor plan. Furthermore, the partitioning fittings allow the two childrens' rooms on the second floor to be converted into one large room of over 16.6m2, and the master bedroom features a loft with an area of approximately 7m2 above. These are some of the many features that were setup according to the owner's wishes.

The home is full of functionality that combines style, comfort, and lifestyle.
Building Site: Tsuzuki Ward, Yokohama City
Construction: Timber 2x4, Two Story No. of Dwellings: 4
Completed: February 2010
Total Floor Area: 411.58m²