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As the three buildings are on a sloping section, they are joined by a shared corridor. Consequently there are many corner-apartments, and the rooms have excellent natural lighting and ventilation. The exterior has an air of gentleness through the use of R-shaped curves on the balconies. The three layouts available are 1-bedroom with dining and kitchen area ('1DK'), 1-bedroom with living, dining, and kitchen area ('1LDK'), and 2-bedroom with living, dining, and kitchen area ('2LDK'). The 1LDK can also be arranged as one room by use of the screen walls (partitioning furniture). The parking lot, which uses the sloping section, is located underground and features storage space behind the wheel stops.

Building Site: Nanakuni, Hachioji City

Construction: Reinforced Concrete, Seven Story

No. of Dwellings: 58

No. of Shops: 4

Completed: February 2008

Total Floor Area: 3908.22m²