Custom built
Custom-built Housing

At Houze, we take care of everything from design to construction when it comes to building your dream home.

Beginning with the exact materials you want, to the structure of your home, including 2x4 timber, reinforced concrete, and steel structure. Our mission is to make real the ideas you have for your home, to build your dream house with outstanding quality.

Sharing the joy of custom-built housing with everyone.

Once you have decided to build a home with Houze, all that remains is to enjoy your custom built home to the fullest. Discuss your hobbies and ideal lifestyle to the point where everything clicks into place for you. Our job is to work with you to give shape to the dreams of your entire family. A floor plan that suits everyone, a living room that draws the whole family to it, a bathroom so comfortable that time is forgotten, a kitchen that inspires you to trial new recipes, a garden that you never tire of. Order your family's dreams with us.

Creating you a home to love and be proud of...

Creating a great house is all about shaping materials and function into a space that reflects your dreams and ideals. Every aspect of the external appearance speaks of the personality of those who call it home, and the interior of the house is replete with features designed to make life easy. The kind of great house that you fall in love with is born from a determination to create exactly what you want for those truly necessary spaces and functionality, without worrying about whether it is common practice or not. And that is why the wishes of your family weigh more heavily with Houze than any other factor.

Leveraging our professional know how to help you balance dreams and finances

Our strength lies in combining the cost-effectiveness of manufactured housing and the freedom of architectural design in an optimal balance to achieve perfect house design and build. The appropriate allocation of a limited budget also relies on professional sense and know-how. To bring your family's dreams to life, we offer advice on how to make the most of your budget. The reasons our clients give for being so satisfied with our service include comments along those lines: "we were able to do so much more than we had imagined", and "the quote was very easy to understand". Behind the scenes Houze continuously works to keep costs down in the buying of every single little part.

House design and build that grows with the family

At Houze we are not aiming to create a house that lasts a long time, but rather a house that will keep pace with you for a very long time. There will be a great number of changes in your family over the next 10, 30, or 50 years-time. Is it really necessary to provide bedrooms for children who are fully independent? How about creating a sectioned-off playroom in the corner of the living room so that little kids can make as much mess as they like? Houze believe that a house that grows with the family is one that is easy to use now, and remains that way.