Custom-built Housing

Case Study

The palm trees that help create the resort feeling were potted plants that the husband had been collecting before they started building the house. These palm trees were one of the key fatures in building the house as the process started. Now they are rooted in soil, and are nestled by the home.


Our Dreams Came True

This house located at the top of a slope in Kugenuma, is a bright house with plenty of that resort feel, owned by a family that enjoys the Shonan life, including hula dancing and surfing.
The brightness is created by the natural light that streams in through a window and the interior, which is decorated in white. This bright and white space is accented by deep greens of the Monstera and the emerald green glass.

This house is full of many gimmicks. The emerald green counter at the entrance, the slit stairs, a wall with an arc, a skip floor, a display space embedded into a table, and ocean stones placed as accents etc.
This is a Shonan style house, which is the result of the many ideas dreamt by the owner, and the desire of the Houze staff wanting them to enjoy the process of building their home.

The skip floor cancels the difference in height between the dining table and the kitchen bench. This area, which was initially built for functionality, was refined carefully as an important accent using indirect lighting.

The combination of the large windows and slit staircase is a device that creates space and brightness onto the stairs, which is located on the north side. White coral stones are decorated on the wall.

The catwalk provided in the atrium is a second passage to the loft that leads to the bedroom. It is a gimmick, as the name suggests, for the smallest and feline family member.

Living-Dining-Kitchen area The light pouring in from the large terrace windows and white interior create a bright and pleasant room with a summer resort atmosphere.

A little display area is built into the kitchen counter. Something that the owners can enjoy customizing for many years.