Custom-built Housing

Case Study


Mykonos Style

The owner couple had been looking for property with a view of the sea for a long time before they finally found this location, which is an ocean-viewer's paradise. The building process for this house started with the theme "Mykonos", and an image of a pure white-walled home located on a cliff. In order to make the most of the views of the sea, the house had to be higher than the buildings on the ocean side of the land. And so the arch-shaped entrance came about naturally.

The most important part of the design was that the arches had to be semicircles. This was a major point to bring about the "Mykonos style", which the owner's wife found. In addition, every single corner of the white exterior wall had to be rounded, and never straight by design. The pillars in the courtyard were made as round columns to give the illusion that the house is built by stone rather than timber.
Not just the overall design, but also being particular about such details, led to the creation of a lovely Mykonos style home, which looks as if though it was brought directly from a Greek island.

The corridor that connects the private and party living rooms is also an exterior dining space. This is where family and friends can hangout while feeling the sky and the sea.

This is a space for purely enjoying the ocean views. Whereas the other space overlooking the sea is a "party" living room, this space is a "private" living room for the family.

Staircase railings and a spider-web designed gate inspired from "Alice in Wonderland". Iron works that are seen around the home is a motif taken from fairy tales.

The rooftop features a Jacuzzi. In order to enjoy just the sky and sea panorama, the sidewalls were cut in the shape of the surrounding mountain range. The beautiful sunset and Mount Fuji can now be enjoyed without any interruption!

The floor of the hall was applied with tiles from Spain which were chosen meticulously. Their thick uneven surface reflects light just like the sea surface in the sun.

Below) There is an existing guesthouse on the other side of the courtyard. The courtyard connects the two houses built with separate styles, and helps the two fuse naturally.