Custom-built Housing

Case Study


Decoration Pleasure

This house, which has Balinese styles fused in a European style, is a house that features abundant and delicate decorations such as moldings, iron railings, and mosaic tiles.
The interior has been created to give a sense of modernity, by finishing it in an elegant monotone European design. In addition, the Balinese designs are applied in monotone, to blend in with the European style. The exterior is a white-base to complement the black iron. A delicate white house located in a residential area on a hill, the large palm trees, the blue sky, and the green lawn all complement each other, creating an overseas resort-like atmosphere.

The band of black marble mosaic tiles that runs around the walls of the atrium sharpens the complexly-shaped hall, giving it uniformity.

The Balinese design that has been incorporated into the European-style enhances the tropical feel.

The combination of vivid tropical plants and the elegant exterior of the house make for a tropical resort.

Although the Bed Room is done in a Balinese style, the brown colors have been suppressed in a monotone as much as possible. In addition, wooden textures are applied without implying a crudeness, to blend in with the European image.

The living room is strewn with delicate decorations, including the coved ceiling with moldings and ambient lighting behind the TV console.

Below left) This is the cute children's room with a high ceiling and chandelier. The intentional use of the wide molding in the circumference of the room avoids the room from looking too tall.

Below right) Many items in this home including the vanity and bathtub were handmade. The home was designed through careful consultation with the owners, right down to the mosaic tiles used for the finish.