Custom-built Housing

Case Study

The exterior design melts into the house encompassing the entire property. We adopted an elegant design to the approach, which starts from the pillar-shaped gate and flows into the arced wall.


Landmark on the Hill

When visitors to this house look up, they will see a gracefully curved exterior, and a gate standing symbolically as if to show off its presence at the border that separates the property and the outside world.
Besides the house, the large property includes a parking space, a back yard, a vegetable garden, an aviary, and play space. Houze has incorporated the wishes of the owners into the overall design: A home that can fully enjoy all aspects of life. Those wishes have also been reflected into the house, where the owner's family will continue to turn a new page in their life every day.

Above) The open plan kitchen realizes a dining and kitchen area that is uninterrupted. A pantry can be found at the back of the kitchen.

Below) When visitors come into the entrance, curved lines and indirect lighting directs their view to the terrace.

Left) The arced atrium wraps around the living room. Tiles are affixed to the wall behind the TV console, giving the room some nice texture.

Below) The Japanese-style room facing on to the balcony and the arced atrium has a suspended feel incorporated into the design, by utilizing the glass handrail.

The space underneath the stairs going up to the loft has been made into a built-in study corner.

The terrace is private, yet feels like a summer holiday destination. The lighting creates a different ambience during the day and at night.