Custom-built Housing

Case Study


House with 3 Terraces

This site stands on a corner lot in a residential area near the station, and faces a busy road leading to the station. Therefore, a crucial point of the design was how to ensure the owners' privacy from the pedestrians, while creating a sense of openness.
The three terraces positioned around the house helps to comfortably create transitory expressions into the interior of the house, by utilizing the wind and the light coming through the vertical grids.
This house has a touch of class, like that of wine that matures with the passing of time. Houze has helped turn this idea into reality.

The vertical grids and the volume of the boxed-shapes compile a composition of shadows and movements.

This is an open area that leads to the terrace and atrium. Although closed from the outside areas, it still offers a private space with plenty of spread. The contrasting flooring and stonewall accentuates the room.

At night, ambient lighting from behind the TV console effectively illuminates the high atrium, exuding a mood different from the extroverted space felt during daytime.

Top right & left) This space is separated from the living room. The Italian-made modern kitchen is elaborate in practicality as well as in design.

Right) The heavy Japanese antique cabinet within the white transparent entrance creates an unexpected contrast.