Custom-built Housing

Case Study

The personality of the house derives from the presence of a characteristic stone-cased wall, and the contrast of the white outer wall of the cylindrical structure.


The Cylinder House

This house is located in a quiet residential area within central Tokyo, showcasing a dynamic presence with an impressive white cylindrical outer wall extending through the house.
With 3 levels and 1 underground level, the house utilizes the height difference of the property to the maximum. The basement is a built-in garage for 4 cars, the first and second floors are living zones, and on the third floor are a bathroom area and a rooftop terrace, suggesting a life where the owner can enjoy the night view unique to the city center. It is a design that creates a comfortable yet extraordinary space.

Above) The Entrance Hall embodies a spacious atrium that starts from the approach and is fitted with glass. The arc-shaped staircase that spreads out from the wall creates a rhythmical lightness.

Right) The bathroom and washroom is located on the third floor, realizing a design that enjoys the cityscape and night views.

Left) The sharp off-white space that runs from the atrium to the study space on the second floor, dining room, and to the kitchen creates a life scene that is filled with light and air.

Right) The space configuration that continues from the living room, the dining room, the Japanese-style room, and into the terrace creates a visual uniformity.