Custom-built Housing

Case Study

The exterior, which features a curve surrounded by a mini forest, embodies both gentleness and strength.


Pet Paradise
Yoshioka Animal Hospital

"We want to build a animal hospital surrounded by trees, that can be reached through a tunnel of foliage!!"
In order to realize this idea, Houze intentionally placed the entrance in the middle of the building, with a lead track that approaches the building overlooking a courtyard.
A clinic, a dog café, and a residential area were perfectly blended together. Trees and plants are harmonized into the landscaping, taken care everyday by the owners who love gardening. The result is a paradise surrounded by a forest full of light and breezes. This is a place that softens the hearts of visiting pets and their owners, with comfort and peace.

Above) A waiting area with a spacious atrium.

Left) The medical treatment space protecting the lives of animals.

Top right, top left) The Dog Café, which also doubles as the waiting room, has a friendly atmosphere. The semi-outdoor terrace seating area is directly connected to the dog run.

Right) The living room in the residential area has a relaxed atmosphere.