Custom-built Housing

Case Study


The Party Home

The concept of this house is a simple and relaxing living space in a quiet residential area on a hill, and a home where parties can be enjoyed with friends on holidays.
A garage was built in the basement by using the height difference from the road. The area above the garage is the "party garden". The approach side is covered by deck material and palm trees, which conjure up a resort feel, adding privacy and softness to the building that towers high in the low-rise residential area.

Below) The living / dining room is spacious and bright, the adjoining Japanese-style room adds tranquility, and the central pillar made of quince wood brings on a sense of security as an interior accent.

Above) The 2.5-level high atrium in the southern corner of the house brings in sunlight all day long.

Below left) A symbolic joinery with exotic patterns is placed in front of the entrance.

Below right) The rest room's chic stone clad-esque wallpaper brings on a calm impression.