Custom-built Housing

Case Study

The cubic facade is smooth, eliminating any openings as much as possible. The house shows different expression by day and night.



The cubic-conscious exterior was designed to be simple, yet highlighting its existence by casually using iron and stone materials.
The built-in garage that can fit 4 cars comfortably, the living room with the large atrium, and other unique features by the architect and the owner that can be seen in various life scenes are there to enrich the life style, and generate a dramatic daily life.
This is a truly 'cool' house that cannot be expressed in mere words such as 'simple' and 'elegant'. The house is worthy of real coolness.

Below) The marble Entrance Hall resembles a lobby in a luxurious hotel. The wood grain wall and mirror surfaces accentuate an impression of modernity.

Above) The natural stone counter and bold wood grain pattern makes for a stylish kitchen.

Below) The 5.9m-wide large living room exudes a sense of quality with the natural walnut floor contrasting the pure white walls.

Above) The stone-clad wall stretching straight to the ceiling complements the light well.

Left) The modern Japanese-style room is reached through an anterior chamber paved with black pebbles.

Right) The chic bedroom that has been decorated in brown colors. Indirect lighting creates a peaceful ambience.