Case Study

Introducing the main case studies from houses created to date. View the design plans for each of the concepts or design features.

  • File.51
    The cubic-conscious exterior was designed to be simple, yet highlighting its existence by casually using iron and stone materials.
  • File.50
    The Party Home
    The concept of this house is a simple and relaxing living space in a quiet residential area on a hill, and a home where parties can be enjoyed with friends on holidays.
  • File.49
    Pet Paradise
    Yoshioka Animal Hospital
    "We want to build a animal hospital surrounded by trees, that can be reached through a tunnel of foliage!!" In order to realize this idea.
  • File.48
    The Cylinder House
    This house is located in a quiet residential area within central Tokyo, showcasing a dynamic presence with an impressive white cylindrical outer wall extending through the house.
  • File.47
    House with 3 Terraces
    This site stands on a corner lot in a residential area near the station, and faces a busy road leading to the station.
  • File.46
    Landmark on the Hill
    When visitors to this house look up, they will see a gracefully curved exterior, and a gate standing symbolically as if to show off its presence at the border that separates the property and the outside world.
  • File.45
    Decoration Pleasure
    This house, which has Balinese styles fused in a European style, is a house that features abundant and delicate decorations such as moldings, iron railings, and mosaic tiles.
  • File.44
    Mykonos Style
    The owner couple had been looking for property with a view of the sea for a long time before they finally found this location, which is an ocean-viewer's paradise.
  • File.43
    Our Dreams Came True
    This house located at the top of a slope in Kugenuma, is a bright house with plenty of that resort feel, owned by a family that enjoys the Shonan life, including hula dancing and surfing.
  • File.42
    New York Modern
    "Achieving a duplex for two families that effectively uses the corner lot". The initial planning of this house started from this concept.
  • File.41
    Nakae Dental Clinic
    This was a rebuilding of a dental clinic well known by locals in Hayama town.
  • File.40
    A home with a View
    The Shonan region is full of childhood memories for the couple that built this home.
  • File.39
    A light-drenched home to relax in
    The house built on high ground makes the most of the location. The construction marries an open interior space with a closed-off exterior space designed with crime prevention in mind.
  • File.38
    The "Bauhaus" home
    We created an elegant building that uses lots of natural stone and has distinctive pillar structures for the owner, who wanted the building facing onto state highway 1 to become something of a symbol in the area.
  • File.37
    Hayama International School in Yokosuka City
    The building, which stretches out along the horizontal plane, is rendered dynamic in its proportions.
  • File.36
    Curved house
    The iconic curved white walls glow against the blue sky for a dramatic external appearance. The house- making the most of the corner plot in a quiet residential area.
  • File.35
    Enjoying the seasons from the lakeside
    The natural environment surrounding the house built to look out over the Sagami lake with its drifting winds and rippling waters gives the impression of a resort hotel somewhere.
  • File.34
    A home with an atrium
    The stone-covered wall that stretches out past the windows makes a strong impression. The house, located in a quiet residential neighborhood in Setagaya ward
  • File.33
    The creation of the house in a Tokyo residential area had ease-of-living as its overriding theme, valuing both a sense of openness and privacy.
  • File.32
    Natural Shonan style
    Two families have built on this plot just minutes walk from the Kugenuma Coast. The column shape and curved design are impressive.
  • File.31
    House by the Park
    The materials shine beautifully amongst the simple colors, in this dignified building that looks as if it were constructed from reinforced concrete.
  • File.30
    Traditional Style
    The main priority for the owner of this home, who just loves resort hotels, was to build a home that generously incorporates such hotels' functionality.
  • File.29
    270 degrees Panoramic Views
    The owner of this home chose the Minami-Boso Peninsula for their weekend retreat, as it is removed from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • File.28
    The Atrium Home
    The priority of the owner of this home, located in a Tokyo residential area, was an ever-present feeling of openness, similar to in a resort, while maintaining family privacy.
  • File.27
    Blanc Château
    The wonderfully refined silhouette is born from the harmony between the building and landscaping, and brings an air of dignity to an atmospheric street.
  • File.26
    Enjoying the Beach Life
    The rough mud wall-look exterior cladding, the accent tiles, and the large cycad palm extending from the neighboring section bring a strong 'resort flavor' to the exterior appearance.
  • File.25
    Creation of this home began with the concept of building a living space far removed from the everyday, one matched to this holiday home area.
  • File.24
    This home features an exotic cuisines restaurant, "Dream Turkies" operated by the owner, and a beauty treatment salon.
  • File.23
    A home with a light court
    he curved wall exterior design provides a sweeping and dynamic space composition by working with the curved shape of the site layout.
  • File.22
    Gateway to Superior Living
    This home stands in a quiet residential area in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo. The modern design is marked by a prominent bare-material gate.
  • File.21
    The 'Slow Life' style
    Situated on high ground in its residential neighborhood, the exterior of this home evokes a resort through its gentle curves, plaster walls, and garden greenery.
  • File.20
    Relaxing and Spacious
    This space, based on the concept of 'a feeling of openness', has been designed so that the blessings of the sun reach every aspect of the family's lifestyle.
  • File.19
    A home filled with fun
    This house started with the simple line 'I want a home I can fit a pool table in', and based on the concepts of 'a home where the family can always have open relationships' and 'a space filled with fun'.
  • File.18
    BALI Modern
    Building this home began with the concept of a 'Bali modern style that even everyday feels open and resort-like'.
  • File.17
    Elegant Resort Style
    Creating this home for the owner of this home began with his visit to the home gallery.
  • File.16
    Water and Green
    We were particular about every selection - from natural wood, diatomaceous earth, black bamboo, cobble stones, limestone, to Bali furniture.
  • File.15
    This beautiful home is located in a quiet residential area. The home makes the most of the 60m² land area, characterized by the expansiveness and brightness.
  • File.14
    Exotic Flair
    The design of this exotic home began with the owner's wish to recreate the environment of their favorite restaurant.
  • File.13
    A home with a Patio
    The concept of this home sprung from the owner's word: "a home that is me". The owner had been speaking with his family ever since the idea of building a new home came about.
  • File.12
    Oceanic Pleasure
    With 'Asian resort' as the design concept, themes of the ocean and ships are incorporated in a variety of places throughout the home.
  • File.11
    Sunlight and Breezes
    This home is at a quiet residential area only minutes away from Tsujiido beach. It is marked by its sleek form and white walls.
  • File.10
    Ocean House
    The home was designed at the owner's request: "Although I don't want to compromise on usefulness, I want to really relax in a resort-like room when I get home."
  • File.09
    Secret Hobby Room
    This home has a striking external appearance. White outer walls are contrasted with a sharp roof and a stone-patterned curved wall.
  • File.08
    Taste of the Resort Life
    This home stands in the town of Shonan, like a temple by the shores of the Mediterranean. The owner's request was to emphasize the feel of a resort spot for enjoying life by the beach.
  • File.07
    Provence Elegance
    This home takes its inspiration from the sun-drenched Provence of Southeast France, combining a relaxed atmosphere with elegance and featuring red tiles, walls painted with warm colors, and gentle curves.
  • File.06
    Quarter-Circle home
    This home, located in a quiet suburban area, has distinctive outlines with exposed concrete on the outer perimeters.
  • File.05
    Simple yet Modern
    This home has a simple and symmetric exterior. The owner wanted to create a modern-styled home of timber, yet feels as though it is made of reinforced concrete.
  • File.04
    A Musical Home
    The residents of this unique home lead a musical life: the husband is a violinist and his wife a pianist.
  • File.03
    "Garage Life"
    The owner wanted a home that "emphasizes the timber texture" while his wife wanted "something cute with white colors".
  • File.02
    A home where friends gather
    The owner of this home likes to often invite his friends over. His wish was to create a large living room.
  • File.01
    The Tropics
    This unique home that could almost be in the tropics is located towards the top of a hill. The owner wanted to be able to lead his life while enjoying the view of his beloved Ferrari Testarossa.