Tamiji Urushizawa


Message from our President

Houze is a group of professionals that provides a wide range of outstanding services, through the creation of dwellings and urban development. Since its inception in 1984, we have built up a large track record and consequentially trust from our satisfied customers, from both our custom made homes and asset management businesses.

It is said that within the current housing situation in Japan, land acquisition is too expensive, and the flipside of that coin is that people cannot spend a lot on building a house. While Japan is positioned high in the world for housing technology, the present condition is that full advantage has not being taken, and as a result there is no room to pursue creative sensitivity for building houses.

However, changes in the social structure and ways of life are beginning to spread steadily but surely. People are now seeking a little more richness in their lives. In other words, we must polish the quality, creative sensitivity and individuality building houses.

Anticipating these needs, we at Houze will continue to make endeavors to provide our customers deeply-committed and high-quality services, by bringing together our excellent business know-how as a professional group into our custom made homes and asset management businesses. Please look forward to what we can do at Houze.